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small and snarky. sociopathic tendences.

past life: joycake

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4:30 am, bad haircut masterpieces, balance, before you go, can't turn back now, cigarettes one by one, close that door, cool my temper please, death is never dignified, deer legs, didn't mean any harm, dirty hair, doe eyes blinking, don't you dare, dreamer don't stop, embrace the wreckage, everything at once, falling back asleep, getting out of here, heart straightening iron, her resilience, his fingers, hug don't hit, hush now baby, i forgot, i'm over it, injuries going unnoticed, love flickering and shouting, nerve endings wake up, nothing sacred unless/until exposed, palpable reactions to words, ready whenever you are, self denial, shameless, smell of wood burning, somethings make me cry, surprised that i'm drunk, swallow pride and gag, this just happens sometimes, trying so hard, unravel alone or, wait wait wait, waste of potential, what would you give, wrecked houses forgotten, you're still alive